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About Us

Age-Gracefully is one of the UK's most unique Care Agencies, which is wholly owned by Mrs Sharon Manning-Black, founder and Managing Director, who has extensive experience within the nursing profession. She started her nursing career in 1990 by completing her training as a Licence Practical Nurse and working in a nursing home, which is where she made the decision that she will have a nursing home when she's older. Mrs Manning-Black completed her training as a Registered General Nurse in 2001 and has been specialising particularly in the healthcare and welfare of the elderly. She has worked in different areas within the NHS including the Emergency Department, pre and post operative ward covering different types of surgeries at Queens Medical Centre, main Theater Recovery and most recently within the community of Nottingham/Nottinghamshire with the Nottingham City Care Partnership CIC, nursing the elderly and house bound patients within their own homes. During her time working in the community, she realised that most persons would prefer to stay at home for the rest of their lives or for as long as possible which changed her dreams of operating a nursing home.

What became clear to her was that there was a real lack of good quality and affordable social care available for elderly patients and centered around their specific needs. She also noticed that there were a lot of patients that she would visit not long after their carer had left but there was no evidence of their visit and wanted to make a difference within the care sector by providing a facility, which would allow them to remain in their own homes if that was what they felt best served their needs. Age Gracefully has been providing a facility which gives clients the care they required, in a dignified and professional manner, whilst at the same time also providing them with the comfort and feel of a “home from home”, with a motto of, "Your Care, Your Choice".

Why us?

Most Domiciliary Care facilities provide personal care services for the elderly 50-65 + who are unable to, or need assistance in doing their daily activities. We on the other hand offer all types of care to adults who are ill, elderly and disabled from age 18 plus and ensure that no exemption is given to any of our potential client.

Based on observation from a research that has been completed, Age Gracefully is situated in a prime catchment area, to be able to cater to clients from all over Nottingham/ Nottinghamshire, as it is based in the middle of the city but our staff resides all over the county.

We provide assistance to adults with their daily activities, from showering, meals and meds, to shopping and socializing , to specialized and end of life care: You name it, We do it! We even offer 24 hours care, in your own home, helping to avoid unnecessary hospitalization or care home admission.

Our  focus on customer service is our foundation. Our goal is to provide quality care, desired living conditions and a feel of Home form Home, in your own home.